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Vanessa + Massimo

Vanessa and Massimo had known of each other for quite some time but didn’t actually get acquainted until the summer of 2004. Massimo’s friend Phil and Vanessa’s friend Connie were going on a first date and to avoid any awkward silence, they decided to each bring along a friend which ended up being Vanessa and Massimo. As fate would have it, Phil and Connie’s relationship didn’t much longer after that initial first date but Vanessa and Massimo kept talking. Massimo moved away from London to work in Waterloo and they lost contact for a while…a few months later he received a phone call from Vanessa and they met up again for a date. Since that date, they never stopped talking again. They officially started dating in June 2005 and in October of 2012, after 7 years of dating, Massimo planned a weekend getaway to Stratford (the home of their favorite pizza place). Just before dinner, they went for a walk around the lake and were chatting as they went. Halfway through their walk, Massimo got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his jacket that was tied to a lovely rose. Vanessa said yes and they are tying the knot in August of this summer! We feel to honoured to have met these two and to be able to share in their special celebration! Enjoy some of our faves from their urban engagement session in downtown London.

urban engagement session 6Vanessa and Massimo-6Vanessa and Massimo-4Vanessa and Massimo-5Vanessa and Massimo-7Vanessa and Massimo-9Vanessa and Massimo-30urban engagement session2Vanessa and Massimo-11Vanessa and Massimo-46Vanessa and Massimo-12Vanessa and Massimo-13Vanessa and Massimo-27urban engagement sessionVanessa and Massimo-15urban engagement session1
Vanessa and Massimo-39Vanessa and Massimo-22
urban engagement session 8Vanessa and Massimo-29Vanessa and Massimo-18urban engagement session 3Vanessa and Massimo-35

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