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Ashley + Juande

Ashley and Juande met through a mutual friend. Ash and her two girlfriends had decided to go out one night and after mentioning it to her friend Jorge, he joined in and brought two friends along. Juande was one of the friends. The two of them hit it off that night and kept in touch, talking every couple days. As Ashley puts it, Juande was very persistent and eventually won her heart! After dating for a while, they began to share their thoughts about the future and what they both wanted out of life. They agreed that getting married was their next step. Together they went to look at rings and picked one out. One evening while at home, Ashley and Juande were deciding on dinner plans and Juande walked down the hallway, went over to Ash and got down on one knee. He had prepared the most perfect speech and Ashley said YES! They are tying the knot in July of this summer and we are thrilled to be able to capture their day. Enjoy some of our faves from their Port Stanley engagement session!

boatsAshley and Juande-12Ashley and Juande-16
Ashley and Juande-13 (1)boatss (1)Ashley and Juande-17Ashley and Juande-29 (1)

Ashley and Juande-28untitled-803Untitled-3 (1)Ashley and Juande-25Untitled-1 (1)
Ashley and Juande-8 (1)
Ashley and Juande-30
Ashley and Juande-10Ashley and Juande-24Ashley and Juande-23 (1)Ashley and Juande

untitled-834Untitled-6Ashley and Juande-21Ashley and Juande-32untitled-965untitled-882Ashley and Juande-36Untitled-5Ashley and Juande-35Ashley and Juande-31Ashley and Juande-34Ashley and Juande-2 (1)Untitled-2 (1)Ashley and Juande-40Ashley and Juande-38

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