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Sam + Joryli | Langley BC Wedding

Weddings always make me emotional. I just love everything about them. It normally takes all I have in me to not tear up as the bride walks down the aisle. I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to photograph my own brothers Vancouver wedding but gosh I didn’t think it would be THAT hard! As Sam stood at the front of the alter, waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, their engagement video played on the big screen. I set my camera down to watch and let’s just say, thank goodness I had my camera to hide my makeup stained face for the remainder of the ceremony. It was the most beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever attended and I’ve been to A LOT! We are so so thrilled to welcome Joryli into our family. She is the perfect girl for my little brother and Jo, I know he will treat you right. We had so much fun being apart of your big day guys and we hope you love these peeks!  Love you!

Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-61
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Untitled-1 (2)untitled-239-2 (1)They met without peeking and prayed together before the ceremony. So special.
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wedding (1)Sam and Joryli-14church (1)
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Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-34Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-37
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Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-40Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-51Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-43Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-49SamJoryliSam and Joryli (1 of 1)-45Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-50Sam and Joryli (1 of 1)-44cake
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hallcake cutting (1)Sam and Joryli-32

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