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Heidi + Scott

It began raining first thing in the morning as Heidi and the girls got up early to get their hair and makeup done. But rain doesn’t scare us as much on wedding days as it used to. In fact, there is something quite magical and romantic about rainy weddings. And this one was nothing short of both. Heidi and Scott got married at Pine Knot golf course. You may remember them from their lifestyle session when their sweet babe Caiden was born almost two years ago. We love when we get to be a part of the different stages of peoples lives and watch them grow and change as the years go by.

This was our last wedding of the season and we were happy to have Jessica Bosse Photography shoot it with us as we were expecting our baby boys to arrive any day! Jessica’s photos are mixed through. Heidi and Scott, thank you for inviting us back into your lives to share in your most special day. It was a complete honour. Enjoy some of our faves!

Heidi and Scott-5
Heidi and Scott-8Untitled-10Heidi and Scott-7

Heidi and Scott-15Heidi and Scott-12Heidi and Scott-13Heidi and Scott-11Heidi and Scott

Heidi and Scott-31

Heidi and Scott-34Heidi and Scott-36Heidi and Scott-35Heidi and Scott-20Heidi and Scott-19Heidi and Scott-21Heidi and Scott-41Heidi and Scott-40Heidi and Scott-46Heidi and Scott-43Heidi and Scott-25
Heidi and Scott-22Untitled-4Heidi and Scott-51Heidi and Scott-39Heidi and Scott-48Heidi and Scott-49Heidi and Scott-50
Untitled-6Heidi and Scott-56Heidi and Scott-55Untitled-5Heidi and Scott-59
Heidi and Scott-62
Heidi and Scott-30 (1)
Heidi and Scott-63

Heidi and Scott-72 (1)Heidi and Scott-71 (1)Heidi and Scott-64 (1)Heidi and Scott-65

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