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Baby Jase | London Newborn Photographer

They had been married for 2 years. They recently bought a new home together and were having fun making it their own. It was finally time to start a family. Tessa and Nate were spending a weekend up at the cottage that Nathan grew up going to. Tessa had a feeling that she may just be pregnant and took a home test to find out. SHE WAS and when she shared her news with Nathan, he was ecstatic. They spent the next weeks and months preparing for the arrival of their beautiful baby boy, Jase. On the day of his birth, Tessa had gone into the hospital for what she thought was just a quick check-up. At just over 38 weeks, she was told that day that her baby had to be born ASAP and she wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital. Nathan told Tessa he wasn’t ready for this yet. Tessa reassured him everything would be fine, sent him home to shower and pick up the hospital bag she had packed ahead of time. Well, Nathan forgot the bag and wasn’t sure he even locked the door on the way out. All that mattered to him at the time was that he get back to be with Tessa and witness the birth of his baby boy. And that he did. Baby Jase was born on Jan. 6th of this year and I had the wonderful blessing of being able to spend an afternoon with this beautiful babe and his sweet parents. Tessa and Nate, we are so incredibly thrilled for you both. ┬áJase is so precious. Welcome to the parent club.

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  • TessaJanuary 21, 2014 - 3:46 pm

    Absolutely remarkable job once again Natalie!!! In love with Jase’s shoot.ReplyCancel

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