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Jeff + Stacey

Jeff and Stacey met online. He noticed her profile which had the tagline “looking for a keeper, not a creeper” so he made a smart remark and they began to chat. He eventually asked for her number and when she agreed, they arranged to meet up for a walk in the park the next day. So there sat Jeff, waiting on a bench and watching a few different girls walk by who he hoped were not her. When Stacey finally walked around the corner, she flashed the hugest smile and that was all it took.  They talked and walked through the park that day and although they had both only had their profiles up for less then a week, Jeff remembers that the day after he met Stacey, he immediately deleted his profile. From there, their relationship progressed quite fast but unfortunately Jeff had accepted a job out in Montreal shortly before they met and was planning to move there 3 weeks later. They decided to try the long distance thing but only 6 weeks in, after Stacey suggested a few times that they break it off, Jeff knew he had to make a decision. It was either the job or Stacey. He chose Stacey and moved back to London. It was the best decision of his life.

Almost 5 years later, Jeff decided that he was ready to ask Stacey to be his wife. He had the most perfect idea to have the proposal captured on camera and e-mailed US to set something up! You can view a peek of the actual proposal here!  It was the most beautiful moment and such a complete honour to share in it! After Stacey said YES, we went back to their apartment and captured a fun lifestyle session. Stacey and Jeff, we are SO thrilled for you both. Thank you for letting us into your life for a day! Enjoy some of our faves from your session.
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