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Carolyn and Ryan

Carolyn and Ryan met at work. She was starting her placement in her Masters program in the building he worked at. They were in different departments but they had no space in the wing she was supposed to be in so Carolyn was placed in a spare office in Ryan’s wing. The first couple weeks Ryan didn’t speak to her. He just stared. Finally one day, he worked up the courage to stop by and introduce himself. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Ryan proposed in Italy, in Florence. Carolyn had lost her job and had to move out to Calgary for a couple years to gain work experience. Her company was finally allowing her to move back home to Ontario to live with Ryan and keep her job in Calgary, working from home. The two had decided to take a reunion trip to Italy for three weeks, to celebrate Carolyn’s return to Ontario in October/November.  It was the second week into the trip when they got to Florence and Ryan was very adamant about seeing a sunset at a lookout of the city. He played it off that his travel guide said it was a ‘must see’. Of course on that particular day, it poured rain. Carolyn didn’t want to go- at all. She didn’t understand why they couldn’t go the next day that was calling for beautiful sunshine!  So after much bickering about the rainy circumstances of climbing up to the lookout, she finally agreed to it. Thank goodness she did  because there he was when she turned around- in a puddle, soaked and asking her to marry him.

Carolyn and Ryan we are so so excited for your wedding next summer! Enjoy some of our faves from your rural e-session!
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