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Jasmine + Tom

During the Spring of 2013 Jasmine was working as a clerk in a construction office and Tom was working as an electrician for the same company on a nearby jobsite. Tom arrived at the office in a ballcap and aviators one afternoon to pick up material for the job and that was when the two of them first met. Jasmine wondered how she had never seen Tom before – surely she would remember someone who resembled the country singer Eric Church!! Little did they know that their mutual coworkers James and Chris were secretly playing matchmaker…
A few weeks later Jasmine had planned dinner with James and another coworker for a Monday night, when James informed her that he had also invited Chris and Tom because “they always had dinner together on Monday nights.” Jasmine knew exactly what James had planned, but decided to go along with it… A few days later Jasmine and Tom had their first date at David’s Restaurant in Port Dover. They have been together ever since.

Tom didn’t waste any time letting Jasmine know that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He arrived home early from work  one day and surprised Jasmine with a bouquet of pink roses and a special dinner of sushi and wine! During dinner Tom got down on one knee and while asking Jasmine to marry him, he pulled the ring out from under a pillow on the couch. Jasmine said YES!

We can’t wait to photograph your fall wedding Jaz and Tom! Enjoy some of our faves from your Tilsonburg e-session!

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Jasmine and Tom-83Jasmine and Tom-105jaz

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