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Britney and Roger

Roger had graduated from UWO and was working full time in Waterloo. Britney was months away from graduating herself and was starting to worry that she would have to move back to her small hometown of Bobcaygeon without having found true love.

It was a snowy Friday evening in February of 2011. Roger had just gotten a flashy new sports jacket and was ready for a night on the town with his boys. Britney had just finished reading a novel for her British Literature course and thought it wouldn’t hurt to ditch the sweatpants and dance a little. That night, they met in the middle of a crowded dance floor at a bar called UP.¬†Roger immediately added Britt to facebook and as a contact in his i-phone. He even broke things off with another girl he was seeing. Brit texted her best friend and told her she had some exciting news to share. They went for strawberry milkshakes at 2 a.m. talked about everything under the moon and made plans to see each other the next day.

During their first summer together, they put a crazy amount of miles on their vehicles but later that year, they settled into the same city. They bought a house, got a dog, Roger proposed (on a horse and buggy in CENTRAL PARK!!!!) ¬†and now they’re excited to tie the knot!

Roger and Britney, it’s been so great getting to know you both! We cannot wait for your wedding in Bobcaygeon next summer. Enjoy some of our faves from your 2 part engagement session!
Britney and Roger
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