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Sara + Ty

Sara and Tyler had mutual friends for years but never seemed to cross paths. In the winter of 2011, Ty started playing on the same hockey team as Sarah’s brother in law. She and her sister would attend his games every Friday night where she would see Ty and some of their mutual friends. They’d normally have a couple drinks and hang out after the game. One night they exchanged numbers and starting talking more and more. They would see each other at events but it wasn’t until May of 2012 that they started hanging out on their own. In July they began officially dating and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

This past July, Sara was on her way home from work on just an average Friday. They had planned to have a few friends over that night for BBQ and campfire which wasn’t out of the ordinary. Ty usually got home before Sara on Fridays so when she got home ¬†and his car was in the laneway, she didn’t think anything of it. But when she opened the front door, she instantly knew what was going on. There was candles, flowers, and the house was spotless. In the middle of their living room, Tyler had spaced out their barstools and hung ribbon between them. There were 12 individual cards hanging from the ribbon. On top of the first stool was a card that said “Read all the cards in order – no cheating”. She began reading all the little notes that had reasons why he loved her. The last card said. “You can open the door now” He was in the bedroom on one knee with the ring. So perfect. Around 10 minutes later, all their closest family and friends started showing up for a much bigger BBQ then Sara was anticipating!

Ron and I went to highschool with Sara and we were thrilled when she e-mailed and asked us to be their wedding photographer! Can’t wait you guys! Enjoy some of our faves from their fall engagement session.

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    […] to highschool with us and you can read the full story of how these two met in their engagement post here! Tyler and Sara, we were thrilled to have photographed your gorgeous¬†wedding and we wish you all […]ReplyCancel

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